Modeling Christian service through the equipping of men and women to be Christian leaders and care for local communities with social service.

Key Values of Asian Christian Academy

  • Love for Christ and love for our Neighbour: The love of Christ compels us to follow him and we show our love for Christ by loving our Neighbour.
  • Humility: We approach one another in Christ-like humility seeking to serve the interests of Christ by seeking the interests of others.
  • Freedom: We seek to enjoy the freedom we have in Christ, not to live by the flesh but to use our God-given individuality for the service of others.
  • Prayer: We seek to be a praying community, always seeking the guidance and power of God to see his glory in our work.
  • Authority of God’s Word: We look to the inerrant Word of God as the authoritative word on understanding our ultimate mission and vision.