An Update on the Ministries of ACA

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,

Dr. Joy & Mrs. Leela George Dr. Joy & Mrs. Leela George

Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus. We had a wonderful year of ministry in 2013 and enjoyed God’s blessings throughout the year.

Some highlights from the year:

  • Our permit to receive foreign funds was restored last month. We thank the Lord for His kindness. For 18 months, we faced tough challenges due to the cancellation. However, we sailed through the storm–by His grace.
  • We were able to pay all our dues and were able to build a three-story, 21 classroom, school building.
  • We built two apartments for our top level administrators.
  • We bought an additional bus for the school.
  • We broke ground for our new central library–a thirty thousand square foot building to accommodate the seminary, school and proposed college libraries.
  • We got a leased line connection to the campus to improve internet connectivity and speed.
  • We are working to establish a media center with online course production and media training for our 11th and 12th grade students, as well as our seminary students.

We had a successful outreach conference and two weeks of outreach during the month of December. The faculty and students returned with enthusiastic reports of successful outreach in fifteen different locations within the country. We are now raising funds to support more outreach, buy church properties and build new churches.

In early January, Dr. Dan Wallace, Dr. David Fletcher and Dr. Jim Allman came to ACA to teach Ph.D. and D.Min. seminars. Their visits provided a wonderful start to the spring semester. The seminary graduation is scheduled for April 10, 2014.

Benjamin and family are planning to move to Nepal to do outreach. He will continue to hold the position as the Director of Outreach, but shall move his place of residence to Kathmandu in Nepal. Also, Nathan, Christine and their family are planning to join us in the ACA ministry starting in July. They are working on their travel documents and support. We appreciate your prayers that the Lord would make both families’ plans successful.

Leela and I are planning to be in the U.S. from April 17 to June 17. We hope to attend the annual ACA board meeting in Dallas, participate in the 30th reunion of the class of 1984 at Dallas Theological Seminary, as well as visit some of our supporting churches, friends and family.

If you are interested in having us come to your church, please give us an invitation–we will try to schedule you into our travels. We thank all of you who visited us in India this year; we had a wonderful time of ministry together. We look forward to another year of ministry and […]

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