Spiritual Life

  • Recognizing that the effectiveness of the Lord’s servant is directly related to his spiritual maturity, the academic pursuit of biblical and theological studies are supplemented by a growing spiritual life sensitive to God’s will and ways.  We seek to encourage the student not only to have an emphasis on academic comprehension of biblical truth but also to cultivate an intimate daily walk with God, being filled, fed and empowered by His Spirit.  The following are some of the means used to promote the spiritual life of the student body.


  • Chapel hour is earmarked twice a week for 45 minutes at a convenient hour and includes worship services, prayers, meetings, intercessory sessions, and messages by the members of the faculty and other outstanding Christian leaders such as pastors, outreach workers, teachers, laymen and others. These services provide experience in the conduct of worship services, opportunities for Christian fellowship, and spiritual enrichment.  Attendance is required of each student.
  • The evening chapel is run by the senior students as per a preplanned roster.  The seminary chaplain is responsible for the chapel schedule.

Seminary Prayer Day

  • The students and faculty set apart a day in a regular semester as day of prayer, where the Seminary and the individual needs are brought to the Lord in intercessory prayer.

Field Education

  • ETS has a field education department headed by a director. He will coordinate various out reach projects to maximize the students’ field experience.

Students’ Family Fellowship

  • There is a get together for the family members of the students once a week. The female students of ETS also gather once a week for spiritual activities.

Evangel Echoes of ACA

  • ETS has a well trained choir known as Evangel Echoes of ACA which will be available for special music programs/functions/meetings and ACA sponsored church meetings.

Student Council

  • Each year a student council is organized, composed of officers and representatives appointed by the faculty from the student body. This council is chaired by the students’ representative and various committees may be formed under the council for occasional recreational, social, and spiritual activities.

Church Fellowship

  • Students and their families are expected to be active in a local church and to attend services regularly. If a student has pastoral internship he may be allowed to attend his choice of local church. Permission for the same will be granted for a student if the faculty committee decides.

Discipleship and Counseling

  • Each student is assigned to a faculty member for advice and counseling regarding personal, marital or spiritual matters.  This personal one-to-one contact helps meet needs and foster spiritual growth.  The Dean of students, the Director of Counseling, the Seminary Chaplain, and faculty advisors will be available to the students for close spiritual fellowship and counseling.

Dr. Isaac John Memorial Lecture Series

  • During the graduation week experts are invited to give specialized lectures on subjects of significance in various fields related to the training program.  These lectures are dedicated in honor of ACA’s founder  president, Dr. Isaac John.

Student Conduct and Discipline

  • The faculty recognizes the freedom of each student to develop under the leadership of Holy Spirit.  Since the students at the Seminary are prospective Christian leaders it is essential that they exemplify a God-controlled life both on and off the campus, to be accepted by men and women in the community.  The seminary believes that the use of tobacco and intoxicating beverages and other questionable practices are not suitable for Christian leaders.  Infractions of the standards of conduct will be investigated by the Dean of Students.  Negligent attitude and willful disorder of any kind will be dealt with and disciplinary action taken as may be deemed necessary.

Opportunities for Christian Ministry

  • The results of theological study should be reflected in a dynamic Christian outreach.  Advanced students are sometimes able to serve as pastors while in Seminary.  Students who serve in Bangalore churches can come to Bangalore on weekends. The department of Field Education directs the students’ practical application of their academic studies to real-life situations through a flexible program.

Student Handbook

  • This is a handy guide to life on the Seminary Campus and distributed by the registrar  to every student enrolled in the Seminary.  It includes academic, library and financial regulations and procedures as well as miscellaneous instructions and policies regarding student life.

Games and Sports

  • Volleyball, Basketball, and a Swimming pool are already developed on campus.  A recreation building with Gymnasium and Table Tennis are also planned for the future.