The climate is mild throughout the year.  The rainfall is scant but the ground water supply is good.  Further, our campus is a vast forty-six acre level ground, beautifully planned and developed.

  • Location of Bangalore
  • Campus Facilities
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Location of Bangalore

Campus Facilities

Administrative Block

  • Our present facilities in Jeemangalam include a spacious office building with a chapel and classrooms.

House of Worship

  • We gather for daily chapel services and other special meetings in the room surrounded with stained glass windows.



There is a well equipped dormitory to accommodate 2 students per room and quarters for faculty and staff. Few family quarters are available for the students’ families.


  • ACA cafeteria and modern kitchen can cater to about 150 people. Our menu takes into consideration the varied tastes of our student body, who are from all the regions of India and from neighboring countries.

 House of Love

  • A place to exchange materials that would meet the needs of individual believers who are members of ACA family. This store is open once a week for all students, faculty and their families.


  • There is a well-organized library of more than 16,000 volumes of mostly evangelical and reference works of high quality.
  • These resources include number of theological, missiological, and religious journals, and secular periodicals.
  • Microfilms are also available for a research student.
  • ETS has an adequate and growing library and maintained by trained staff.
  • Apart from books ETS library also maintains a large collection of video and audiocassettes.
  • ETS library is a member of the Joint Library Committee which is an association of the theological libraries of Bangalore. Therefore each student at ETS will be eligible to use libraries of a dozen other theological seminaries.
  • The library will be fully computerized shortly.


  • There will be display of good books in the Library premises occasionally. ETS students can purchase or order the books.

Asian Biblical Expositor

  • The seminary publishes a theological journal dedicated to the advancement of Christian theological and biblical scholarship under the title, Asian Biblical Expositor. The major contributors are the faculty of ETS and experts in various fields. Each issue will be focusing on a single topic. Publication is semi -annual.

Recreation Facilities

Recreation facilities, such as a basketball court, volleyball court, football grounds and a swimming pool are available for students and faculty to use.

The campus roads are paved and lighted to give a sage and beautiful living environment.

A dairy farm and other agricultural ventures are undertaken to provide clean and healthy food to our staff and students.

The campus also has a couple of  parks and fellowship centers for quiet reflection.




  • The Auditorium is a large facility which both the Asian Christian High School and the Evangelical Theological Seminary use.  The building is also available for use by the community.
  •  The seminary uses this facility for graduation ceremonies and other celebrations.
  • The young children have their classrooms on the bottom floor.
  •  The older children meet there during bad weather days for their daily morning assembly time.



The ACA/ETS campus is located in Jeemangalam village, 7 kms from Hosur on the Hosur-Bagalur Road.

The town of Hosur is one of the fastest growing towns in Tamilnadu with a population of two hundred thousand.  There are hundreds of small, medium and large industrial complexes in this town.

The campus is only 40 kms from Bangalore airport.  Buses are available from Bangalore City (Majestic) to Hosur every fifteen minutes.  A four lane super highway between Hosur and Banglore reduces the travel time to about 45 minutes.  Some of our faculty and staff commute daily to the campus from Bangalore.

Those who come by train or bus can alight at Hosur bus stand which is 7 kms from the campus.