Since 1986, when the Asian Christian Academy graduated twelve students in its first class, the theological seminary has graduated close to 500 students with Th.M. or M.B.S. degrees.

ACA alumni go on to serve the Lord across India and the world in a variety of positions. Graduates serve as founders or key leaders of impactful ministry programs in Kenya, China, Nepal, Myanmar and Australia.

What can you do with a degree from ACA?

These are just some of the ministry roles in which you’ll find ACA graduates:

  • Teaching
  • Bible college administration & leadership
  • Pastoral ministry
  • Church planting
  • Church administration, including executive pastor roles
  • Working with para-church organizations and Christian social service programs.

Many of our graduates work full-time in ministry in Myanmar and Nepal, helping organizations and churches fulfill their goal of introducing Christianity to India’s one billion people.

Some students continue to earn their D.Min. (Doctorate of Ministry) or Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy) degree at ACA or through other prestigious theological seminaries across the world. Others go on to work in some of the programs at ACA. For instance, the seminary’s church planting department has seventeen stations headed by ACA graduates.

Alumni success stories

Here are just a few examples of ways ACA graduates are spreading God’s Word across India and the world:

  • ACCEPT, a social service organization started exclusively to help AIDS patients, was founded and is headed by ACA graduate Mr. Rajan Mathew.
  • An ACA graduate assisted in translating the Ryrie Study Bible into Hindi, and currently works for ACA in an evangelical role in Chatishgarh.
  • The President of South India Baptist Theological Seminary is a Th.M. graduate and is presently a D.Min. student of ACA.
  • Since graduating from ACA ten years ago, Mr. Ochieng Philip has made a tremendous difference in the lives of Christians around the world. He started a home for the children of AIDS victims in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently a church planter for ACA, he helped plant and now serves in ministry roles at Fellowship Bible Church in Winchester and Hosur Bible Church, where many Asian Christian High School students gather for worship.

Alumni Stay Connected

ACA encourages alumni to remain in touch with each other, and makes it easy for them to stay connected even as they serve in ministry roles across India and the world.

ACA has created an e-mail network exclusively for ACA graduates and keeps in touch with alumni through regular updates. The print and e-mail versions of the ACA newsletter help alumni learn more about ACA’s growth, new programs, and ministry needs.

In 2010, the seminary is planning a reunion on ACA’s Hosur campus for all graduates, with the help of ACA graduate and former faculty member Mr. Binoi Samuel of Dubai. If you are an alumni, sign up for the ACA newsletter and get connected through the alumni e-mail network to learn more about this upcoming celebratory gathering.