Imagine being destitute and without hope … one day, a kind person, perhaps a pastor or seminary graduate, takes you in. Through God’s grace, you are given the opportunity for a quality life and education.

This is exactly the path of the 36 children who now live in the House of Joy, a home founded by the ACA in 1999 for needy children. They come from various regions in India, and each has a unique story—but a common theme unites them all.

They found their way to ACA because of death and poverty, but God’s light has lifted them up. The power of the gospel is evident on their faces. There is no better way to describe their home than the “House of Joy.”

In addition to food, housing, clothing and other necessities of life, Children at the House of Joy also receive a holistic Christian education through the ACHS.

The staff of HOJ teaches the children to love and serve the Him and to serve throughout India. Many students who came to the HOJ in 1999 have now graduated ACHS and will continue their education with financial assistance from ACA’s generous donors.