The location of the seminary in a rural setting, surrounded by hundreds of villages, provides an opportunity to meet the needs of the community and share the compassion of Christ with the villagers.

In 1994, the seminary launched its first outreach program with the Agape Health Center, which treated approximately 30 patients a day. In 1996, a second floor was added to the clinic and seven beds were added for in-patient care. One resident surgeon and three nurses staffed the facility.

In 2000, a major expansion project led to Agape Hospital, a two-story facility with 30 beds for in-patients, an operation theater and a pharmacy. Today, the hospital is open 24 hours and provides free and low-cost care to the villagers through two full-time resident physicians and four nurses.

The staff of the hospital also travels to the villages providing free medical services to villagers who cannot—or would not—go to the hospital for care. This service allows the staff of the hospital to reach even more villagers with the word of Christ.

At the same time, the staff provides Christian counsel to all patients both during and after their visits.

The ACA is prayerfully seeking two additional specialist doctors who can expand the scope of care provided by Agape Hospital as well as reach out to the villagers with the gospel.