One of ACA’s most successful programs to date, the Asian Christian High School was started in 1996 to reach children in the villages surrounding Bangalore with the good news, while offering city-level facilities and academic standards on par with the best schools in India. The school is accredited and affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

When it was founded, ACHS began with 225 children in kindergarten through second grade. The school had grown exponentially by 2001 to reach 700 students in grades K-9.

Since 2001, the school has nearly doubled in size, with 1260 students in grades K-10, a staff of 45 teachers and 20 non-teaching support personnel. In 2010, the school will further expand to offer education in grades 11 and 12.

The school’s motto is “Light through Letters” and ACHS has been successful in its goal and vision; students graduate to institutes of higher learning, where they earn degrees in engineering, math, science, medicine and other important fields. Sixty percent of all ACHS graduates go on to earn engineering degrees. All students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to lift themselves and their families up from the poverty so prevalent in rural India.

ACHS has been ACA’s most successful program, making a profound impact on students and indirectly impacting their parents, siblings and neighbors, too.

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