Do you have a special gift and a calling to share that gift with Christians across the world? Would you like to reach out to others in God’s service?

The ACA needs Christians interested in spending time at our facility and serving in our hospital, secondary school, Seminary and in the House of Joy.

If you come to help, you will receive free on-campus room and board, along with free ground transportation during your stay. We are seeking short- and long-term partners. You can stay for two weeks, a few months, or as long as a year.

We are looking for:

  • volunteer teachers in the ACHS
  • tutors in the House of Joy
  • medical support staff in Agape Hospital
  • instructors in the seminary, teaching two-week specialty courses
  • Christians who can help in church-planting efforts in the villages surrounding the school
  • Anyone willing to serve and do the Lord’s work on campus at ACA

You can learn more about this life-changing experience directly from those who have donated their time and talents.

A Word from Jodi
Dental Hygienist and ACA Short-Term Worker

I had the unique privilege of visiting my dearest friend for two weeks this past holiday season.  She is currently teaching English at Asian Christian High School and loving the children!  My heart filled with excitement as I realized that with every thoroughly equipped seminary graduate, with each high school student who makes a bold stand, God will reach every corner of India, and even beyond her borders, through the ministry of ACA.

I truly believe that ACA is at the heart of God’s plan to touch the lives of India’s one billion people, a significant portion of the world’s population, with His unfailing love and hope of salvation.  Thank you for the chance to see the powerful hand of the One True God through your vibrant efforts.  I have only been acquainted with ACA for a short time, but you have shown me the world through Christ’s eyes.  It has already made 25 years of difference to me.

Come and help in the ministry! You can stay for a few weeks or a few months. Contact us and please tell us your interest.