The purpose of this department is to expose students to the process of thinking theologically and to equip them in developing systematic theology from the dispensational, premillennial interpretation of biblical revelation and in evaluating other theological viewpoints.  Focus is given to assisting the student in the discovery and systematizing of the truth revealed in Holy Scriptures and to make him an effective minister of the Word of God by relating these truths to every day experiences.


Required Courses in Systematic Theology

401 Introduction to Theology – 2 Cr. Hrs

A study to provide the student with a frame of reference necessary for thoughtful progress within the discipline of theology. Careful attention is given to the nature of theology as a discipline , its relationship to other disciplines and biblical studies and the proper procedure for making theological decisions. An overview of major theological systems and a survey of systematic theology also would be done.

402 Theology Proper – 3 Cr. Hrs.

An overview of prolegomena, the nature and source of theology, theology proper, the doctrine of the person of God considered under theism and Trinitarianism. There is a stress on open theism also.

403 Bibliology and Dispensations – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of bibliology, the doctrines of revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, canonicity and illumination, and dispensations, the economies involved in the outworking of God’s purposes.

404 Christology – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of person of Jesus Christ and all the related doctrines with a special attention to the Jesus seminar.

405 Soteriology – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the doctrine of salvation including consideration of the Savior, election, the extent of the atonement, eternal security, and the benefits of salvation.

406 Eschatology – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of eschatology including various systems, history of chiliasm, major themes and problems in eschatology, the order of predicted events, and the rapture question.

407 Angelology and Anthropology – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of angelology, the doctrine of the unfallen angels, fallen angels, and Satan; and anthropology, a study of the creation of man, the immaterial aspect of man, the fall of man, sin, and the doctrine of imputation.

408 Ecclesiology – 3 Cr. Hrs

A study of the ecclesiology, doctrine of the universal church and the local church including its organization, ordinances, government and purpose.

409 Pneumatology – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit and detailed discussion of the contemporary trends in pneumatology.

410 Formulation of Theology – 2 Cr. Hrs.

An in-depth study on issues of systematic theology for the graduating class. Stress will be on students’ ability to comprehend, reflect, defend, and intelligently communicate theological truths.  How one reaches a theological conclusion (the process and the methodology) will be evaluated. This will be taught by a panel of faculty.

411 Christian Apologetics – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the biblical justification of apologetics, its history, major systems and issues from the present day viewpoint. Topics include the biblical basis, developing a world and life view, various methodologies, high lights of history and selected issues of apologetics.


Elective Courses in Systematic Theology

412 Contemporary Theology – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the 20th century theology in its historical context, considering liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, various forms of radical theology and biblical orthodoxy.

413 The Doctrine of the Rapture – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the doctrine of the rapture with consideration of its place in the history of doctrine, and its relation to hermeneutics, ecclesiology and major end-time events.

414 Seminar on selected current theological issues – 2. Cr. Hrs

A study of selected current issues in Systematic Theology.

415 Philosophy and Theology

Surveys major thinkers from pre-Socrates to Augustine and from Anslem to Nietzsche.


Independent Courses in Systematic Theology

415 Premillennialism – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A detailed study of  the various aspects of premillennial eschatology with a consideration of other millennial views.

416 Theological Systems

An evaluation of various theological systems.