M.A Christian Studies

Evangelical Theological Seminary

A division for theological education and research under Asian Christian Academy of India.

Application deadline: April 30, 2017 for 2017-2018 Academic Year

First modules start June 25, 2017

ETS-ONLINE is a web  based initiative of Evangelical Theological Seminary, aimed at taking the scriptures to those who are not able to travel and come for a residential theological education.

There is great potential for integrating theological education with the Church ministry at present while pursuing a theological degree online. Adult professionals in secular fields who desire seminary training to serve God  in their local churches, pastors who desire advanced training and para Church organizations who desire theological education for their staff can greatly benefit from this online initiative of  Evangelical Theological Seminary. The program is student centered and geared towards community learning.


  1. Student Centered Approach: Curriculum and courses are designed around the lifestyle of the student.
  2. Multimodal: Instruction and interaction uses audio, video and text as the modes of learning.
  3. Community Learning: Emphasis is placed on students being able to interact with each other and the instructor to create a community of learners.


The courses require a modest computer literacy and a high speed internet (at least 1 Mbps). Recommended internet speed is 2 Mbps.


  1. The program follows a module system, 20 Modules in total.
  2. Great emphasis is placed on working with Scripture.
  3. Integration of learning with Church life and ministry.
  4. Comprehensive Exam at the end of the program.


Foundational Modules

  1. BE 300 Introduction to Biblical Studies.
  2. ST 400 Introduction to Theological Studies.
  3. BE 301 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics.

Biblical Studies

  1. BE 302 Old testament (History): Pentateuch and Historical books.
  2. BE 303 Old Testament: Wisdom and Poetical books.
  3. BE 304 Old Testament: Prophetical books.
  4. BE 305 New Testament: Gospels.
  5. BE 306 New Testament: Acts and Pauline Epistles.
  6. BE 307 New Testament: General Epistles.
  7. BE 308 Daniel and Revelation.

Theological Studies

  1. ST 402 Bibliology.
  2. ST 403 Theology Proper.
  3. ST 404 Christology.
  4. ST 405 Pneumatology.
  5. ST 406 Angelology and Anthropology.
  6. ST 407 Hamartiology and Soteriology.
  7. ST 408 Ecclesiology.
  8. ST 409 Eschatology.

Pastoral Studies

  1. PT 501 Homiletics and Expository Preaching (The Art of Preaching)

Historical Studies

  1. ST 428 Church History


A student can take one or two modules per session. There will be four sessions per year.

1 Module=12 Weeks

Session 1: June-August.

Session 2: September-November. Session 3: December-February. Session 4: March-May.

All students must come to the campus to complete the Homiletics [residential course]. Orientation will be conducted online

SESSION 1   [June-August] Introduction to Theological Studies Introduction to Theological Studies and Introduction to Biblical Studies.
SESSION 2   [September-November] Introduction to Biblical Studies Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics Pentateuch and Historical Books.
SESSION 3   [December-February] Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics Wisdom, Poetical and Prophetical Books.
SESSION 4   [March-May] Church History Gospel, Acts and pauline Epistles.
SESSION 1    [June-August] Pentateuch and Historical Books General Epistles, Daniel, Revelation.
SESSION 2   [September-November] Wisdom and Poetical Books Bibliology and Theology Proper.
SESSION 3   [December-February] Prophetical Books Christology and Pneumatology.
SESSION 4   [March-May] Gospels Angelology, Anthropology, Hamartiology and Soteriology.
YEAR THREE Homiletics (residential program in May)
SESSION 1    [June-August] Acts and Pauline Epistles Ecclesiology, Eschatology and Church History.
SESSION 2   [September-November] General Epistles
SESSION 3   [December-February] Daniel and Revelation
SESSION 4   [March-May] Bibliology
SESSION 1    [June-August] Bibliology
SESSION 2   [September-November] Theology Proper
SESSION 3   [December-February] Christology
SESSION 4   [March-May] Pneumatology
SESSION 1   [June-August] Angelology and Anthropology
SESSION 2   [September-November] Hamartiology and Sotertiology
SESSION 3   [December-February] Ecclesiology
SESSION 4   [March-May] Eschatology


8-10 Study Hours per week 18-20 Study Hours per week
5 Years to complete the Degree Program 2.5 Years to Complete the Degree Program


FEES    2000/- Indian Rupees per Module.


Qualified applicants will be asked to take an entrance exam. Successful candidates will be interviewed and upon the recommendation of the panel the admission status will be determined. All who are qualified for admission will receive an email with further instruction.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  2. Strong English reading, writing and listening skills.


The entrance exam is aimed at testing;

  1. General Bible Knowledge.
  2. Skills in reading, writing and listening to English.


  1. A student must complete the module within the allotted session.
  2. There will be a Comprehensive Examination after the completion of 20 modules.


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