The purpose of this department is to equip men to communicate biblical truth as expository preachers, to prepare men for a pastoral ministry, to equip students to be effective counselors and to do the work of evangelists. The emphasis is upon instruction in, and development of actual ministry skills.


Required Courses in Pastoral Ministries

601 Basic Homiletics & Expository Preaching – 4 Cr. Hrs.

Principles of structuring and delivering expository sermons with emphasis on accuracy, clarity and relevancy.  Instruction in topical and narrative exposition with attention to word choice and public reading of Scripture.

602 Basic Christian Counseling – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A general introduction to the theory and practice of biblical based Christian counseling that can be used in a variety of situations (Nouthetic approach).

603 Senior Preaching – 2 Cr. Hrs.

An advanced study of effective communication of biblical content suitable for various occasions.  There is an emphasis on preaching form various literature of the Bible.  Each student is required to preach two expository sermons in addition to other class requirements.

604 Pastoral Ministry – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the nature of pastoral ministry with emphasis on the person and role of the Pastor.  Attention is given to the principles and practice of various aspects of pastoral service.


Elective Course in Pastoral Ministries

605 Evangelistic Preaching – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A study of expository evangelistic sermons including analyzing and preparing evangelistic messages.

606 Teaching Techniques – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the basic teaching techniques in Christian education.

607 Christian Ethics – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A study of ethics from a Christian perspective and also an analysis of alternative systems. A Christian worldview will be established with the practical application of Christian ethics in various areas of life.