The purpose of this department is to equip students to develop a biblically based awareness of Christian education in the church, home, and school, to interact with biblical and other foundations basic to effective Christian education and to develop skills essential in effective Bible teaching.


Required Courses in Christian Education

701 Principles of Discipleship and Spiritual Life – 3 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the philosophy and methodology of disciple development, based on selected portions of the life of Christ and the principles that govern the believer’s spiritual life and growth.

702 Basic Christian education program in the Church

A study of the educational ministry of the local church with attention to aims, principles, leadership, organization and agencies of a biblical program for all age groups.


Elective Courses in Christian Education

703 Dynamics of Christian Leadership  –  2 Cr. Hrs.

An analysis of the qualities and practices of the effective Christian leader based on principles in Scripture and related literature, with attention to devising a personal philosophy of spiritual leadership.

704 The Christian Home or Biblical teachings on marriage and family.   2 Cr. Hrs.

A study of the Christian family life, the meaning of Christian marriage, church-home relationships, family worship, family finances, child training and home community relationships.