The purpose of this department is to equip students to comprehend the Bible by developing skill in inductive Bible study, applying principles of interpretation to the biblical text, and relating Bible content to their lives and to contemporary issues. Special attention is given to the theme of each Bible book and the argument of the Book.


Required Courses in Bible Exposition

301 Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods – 3 Cr. Hrs.

An introduction to inductive Bible study involving the steps of observation, interpretation (hermeneutics), application and correlation.  Principles in these steps are applied to several biblical passages and books. Special emphasis is given to grammatical-historical-literal method of interpretation.

302 Pentateuch and Historical Books – 4Cr. Hrs.

A brief exposition of the books from Genesis through Esther with special emphasis on historical background and thematic development.

303 Poetical Books – 3 Cr. Hrs.

An exposition of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon with emphasis on poetical literature and its interpretation.

304 Old Testament Prophets – 4 Cr. Hrs.

An introduction to the structure, features, content, and theology of each of the major and minor prophets in their historical setting. There will be exploration of the nature and history of prophetism, the canonical contribution of the prophets, and the hermeneutics of the prophetic literature.

305 Gospels and Acts – 3 Cr. Hrs.

An exposition of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts.

306 Pauline Epistles -3 Cr. Hrs.

An exposition of nine of the Pauline Epistles (all except Romans, I Corinthians, Ephesians and Philippians).

307 General Epistles – 3 Cr. Hrs.

An exposition of Hebrews, James, I and II Peter, I, II and III John and Jude.

308 Daniel and Revelation – 3 Cr. Hrs.

An analytical study of Daniel and Revelation with consideration of the many questions of interpretation and application with special emphasis on the eschatology of these books.

309 Historical Geography of the Bible – 2 Cr. Hrs.

A survey of the topography, climate, sites and historical events associated with biblical lands, designed to provide a background for biblical studies.

310 Life of Christ  – 2 Cr. Hrs.

An advanced study of the life of Christ from the Gospels

Elective Courses in Bible Exposition

311 Thessalonian Epistles – 2 Cr. Hrs.

  • An analytical study of the Thessalonian epistles with consideration of its eschatology and practical message.

312 The Book of Hebrews – 2 Cr. Hrs.

  • An analytical study of Hebrews with attention to the theme of Christ’s superiority and with application to the life of the believer in the new order. Stress is given to the problems involved and the doctrinal implications.

313 Advanced Hermeneutics – 2 Cr. Hrs.

  •  An in-depth study of the methodologies of Bible interpretation, hermeneutics and its relationship to the theological systems. Study will include: the role of hermeneutics: the nature of meaning: divine authorship: grammatical method: the problem of historical relativity: problems of circularity, incompleteness, and probability, the work of Holy spirit in hermeneutics.

314 Messianism in the Old Testament and the Gospels – 2 Cr. Hrs.

  • A detailed study on the concept of Messiah in Old Testament times and at the time of Christ’s coming. Special attention is given to the messianic movements of Judaism.


Independent courses in Bible Exposition

315 Bible Difficulties – 2 Cr. Hrs.

  • Selected problem passages from the bible explained theologically, grammatically and biblically. Stress is given to theological difficulties and hard sayings of Christ.

316 Biblical Archeology – 2 Cr. Hrs.

  • A study of the archeology of Bible lands. Emphasis is given to sited that will help the Bible interpretation.

317 A Study on the Old Testament Gentiles and their Theology – 2 Cr. Hrs.

  • A study on the origin, religion, culture and theology of the gentiles in Canaan.