It is our purpose to enroll those students who are academically and spiritually qualified to pursue a thorough course of study and afterwards render effective Christian service. Enrollment to ETS is limited to those who testify their salvation and indicate their call and commitment.

Admission requirements are designed to ensure that each student who enters the Seminary program has the capacity to pursue his work successfully. The applicant’s Bible College/University program and grades, tested abilities, personality traits, and Christian commitment are given priority in determining admission.

Wives of the married students may audit (for no charge) or take selected courses for credit by enrolling in any of the degree programs.

ETS is not authorized by the government of India to issue student visas to foreign students. However, we request that foreign students who are interested in joining ETS contact the registrar to discuss the possibility of alternative arrangements.

Prerequisites for Entrance

For the M.Th. Degree (Master of Theology) and the M.B.S. Degree (Master of Biblical Studies):

  • Bachelor degree in theology with B (2nd division) from a recognized Bible College, or
  • Bachelor degree in any secular field.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. File an application for enrollment with the Registrar from whom the application forms and prospectus may be obtained for a sum of Rs.100/.
  2. Application must be completed in full and returned to the Registrar along with the following documents:
    • Official transcript of academic credit
    • Photocopy of Degree Certificates
    • 2 copies of passport size photograph
    • A report of physical examination by a medical doctor
    • Letter of commendation from the local church.
    • Recent conduct certificate
    • References from four people, not related to the applicant
    • Christian ministry/work experience certificate
  1. The Admission Committee reviews each applicant’s papers. Applicants will be notified of the action after review. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their college academic record, the extent and quality of their involvement in Christian service, their apparent gift and promise for Christian ministry, and the evaluation of their references.
  2. Entrance Exam: Before the final selection is announced an entrance exam will be conducted in the areas of English, Theology and Bible Exposition, which will be followed by a personal interview. Students who come from a secular background will take entrance exams only in the areas of English and basic Bible knowledge. (See the application package for details.)

“In 2018 we will be conducting entrance examinations in  Guwahati and the ETS campus in Hosur.

Entrance Exams – January 27 & March 26 (ACA Campus) and April 14 (Guwahati)

Master’s Degree Application

If you download the application form, please remember to send the Rs. 300/- for the application/processing fee. Send it with the completed application as a Demand Draft, a Cheque, or separately through a Money Order.

You can download the application link HERE

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