ACA/ETS is able to subsidize students’ education thanks to support from churches and individuals who share our vision. The amounts charged to the students are usually around half the cost incurred by ACA.

However, rising costs require that we follow strict guidelines with regard to financial matters. Charges and fees are subject to change by action of the ACA Board annually. Any change in fee structures will be communicated in the letter accompanying this prospectus.

Financial Policies

  • All students are expected to pay the entire fees for each semester (tuition, food and room rent) in advance at the time of registration.
  • Payment can be made only in cash or by Demand Draft. No personal cheques, except in special cases. (Speak to the registrar’s office regarding a payment by personal cheque.)
  • Those who have sponsors from abroad should have them make their cheques payable directly to ACA and send to: American Council of Asian Christian Academy, P.O. Box 11851; Carrollton TX 75011.
  • Students who receive a scholarship from the government should make arrangements for payment of fees at the beginning of the semester. This can be refunded once the scholarship amount is received.
  • If a student withdraws from the seminary only unused portions of cafeteria fees and room rent will be reimbursed. No tuition reimbursement will be made after the first week of classes.
  • Late payments will not be entertained. All late payments are subject to fines, disciplinary action or dismissal at the discretion of the administration of ACA. Should unexpected circumstances arise that may delay your payment, speak to the registrar immediately concerning your situation.

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Financial Assistance

At ETS, we do everything we can to make sure students who feel called to work in ministry and to advance their Christian education can do so. Generous support from churches and individuals, both in India and abroad, helps keep our tuition and fees low – approximately half of what it costs to run our master’s degree programs.

Students accepted for enrollment, but not in a position to meet the financial requirements of the Seminary, are expected to take initiative to obtain assurances of financial support through ACA from sponsoring churches/institutions/organizations etc.

  • No student will be admitted for courses unless there is a full financial guarantee from the student, or partial payment from the student and a financial guarantee from other agencies.
  • Thesis and graduation fee is mandatory for all students irrespective of Scholarship assistance.
  • All first-year students must pay the full fees, however the tuition fee may be adjusted against work scholarship for deserving candidates at the discretion of the admission committee.
  • Financial assistance may be given only if funds are available.

Work Scholarship

Work scholarship will be available for those second- and third-year students who demonstrate academic excellence and ministry commitment during their first year of study at ETS.

The faculty committee will evaluate the candidate on the basis of merit and need, and may grant a work scholarship on campus, which will normally cover room and board expenses. The faculty committee will renew the scholarship annually based on the performance of the candidate.

Types of Employment

Since the ETS campus is located in a rural area, work available on campus is mostly related to maintenance of the buildings and house keeping. A few work opportunities are available at the library each semester; library assistants clean the books and library building. Those who have special technical skills may be given jobs, when available, at the ACA institutions in accordance with their skills and work experience.