Dr. Isasc John

Dr. Isasc John

While a student at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, in 1973, God prompted Dr. Isaac John to start a theological institution in India with the purposes of providing postgraduate level training for Christian ministry.

His vision was to tailor theological training to the Indian context.  This idea he shared with his friends and classmates at the Seminary.  In 1973, a small group started to pray about India.  As a result, the American Council for the Asian Christian Academy was formed in 1975 at Dallas.As a result, the American Council adopted several faith principles that have guided the growth of ACA.  No money would be solicited except from people who know the work and whose contribution would be more than monetary.  ACA was registered as a non-profit charitable orgainization subsequently.In 1976, Dr. Isaac John returned to India after completing his studies.  The Asian Christian Academy was registered as a society in Karnataka in 1978 with Dr. Isaac John as founder President, Dr. Joy M. George as Secretary and Rev. Richard Sackman as Treasurer, and found members.


The 1990’s were a time of implementation of Dr. John’s vision under the wise direction of Dr. George.  The administration building, cafeteria and dormitory facilities have been followed by residential quarters for staff and faculty and a CBSE school, a 35 bed modern hospital.  The Seminary and library have grown steadily. Doctoral programs have been started in association with the American Institute in Jerusalem, the Greek Bible Institute in Athens and Dallas Theological Seminary.